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  • Linda Bamford

Kalaloch, Olympic Peninsula of Washington state

Updated: Apr 2

May 2019, We stayed in one of the rustic cabins of Kalaloch Lodge, overlooking the beach. Lots of barn swallows flying around and a bald headed eagle flew and rested in the area below our cabin. Our evening meal was so good we persuaded the chef to send us the recipe.

Before arrival at Kalaloch we visited Ruby Beach, having to scramble over the logs to reach the beach. Locals warn of 'killer logs', tall conifers from all over the regions which can be a hazard when washed up onto the beach. Definitely a place I would love to go back to.

Click on the photo to bring up more of Kalaloch

Cabins at Kalaloch Lodge Resort

View from our cabin

Sunset from our cabin

Tree of Life, which survives with the roots having no soil

Art work in stone

Sea stacks on the Kalaloch beach

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